Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day special - Craft on Canvas/Upcycled spoiled art project ;)

Well I am not a good painter , but still love playing with the colour. Few project turn out well and few are disastrous. I usually go way too far that i can no more improvise the painting. that wat happened with the painting I am going to post about today.I could not tolerate to see the painting lying in my cupboard, so decided to upcycle it.  Here is what i did.
Painted the canvas with black paint.

Covered the Canvas with patterned Paper  and Decorated it. Here's how it looks now.

I hope you liked. Thanks for visiting my blog. Click here to see the post on the jar in the above pic.

Valentine's Day - Decorated Jar

Here is one more idea of a gift for your special someone. Its very simple, but its inside the jar that is most important. All you need is an empty jar, few embellishments and you are good to go.
You can fill up the jar by writing about all the things that you love about your beloved, I am sure the smile on his face will tell you how much he loved it.
Its a budget gift with a very special touch. He will surely love it.
Here's how my jar turned out. I am going to gift it with few other handmade gifts.

The next post will be about the canvas craft project which you see in the above image. Hope you like it.

Valentine's Day Indian Breakfast for Kids/adults- Tomato Idli

Here is one option to make your regular Indian Breakfast a little special for your Valentines Day. Tomato Idli is easy and healthy. All you need is Idli Batter, tomato chutney/pickle  and a cookie cutter- heartshaped prefered.

How to prepare tomato idli.

  • Just add some tomato pickle/chutney into your idli batter. 
  • Steam the idlis and cut them into heart shape with your cookie cutter.
  • Serve the way your like it. 
Here how I serve my Tomato Idli to my Little princess.

Hope you like it.

Valentine's Day Fruit Kebab

Here a perfect treat for your kids to feed them fresh fruits on  Valentines day. You can dip it in chocolate if you wish to. But I prefer this way. There are million ways to make it more pretty, but i had enough time only for this one.
All you need is a heart shape cookie cutter. Here how my Fruit kebab looks like. Hope u like it.

And my little princess loved eating it..."mummy hart hart":)...love you Ananya.