Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Animals theme party for kids

Ananya turned one last month and we had two parties for at restaurant (on a weekend) and one at home (on her actual birthday). She is to small to select a party theme so we just went ahead with animal theme party. I hardly had any time for preparing for the party (as Ananya keeps me hands full)......I managed few things to are the few pics of both the party hope u find it useful.
 Prepared them from Cereal Box...and decorated them with animal prints.

Birthday Cake and muffins!yummmmmm!

 Hand painted animal faces on the balloons

Lil monkey board to welcome the guest!

 Board for the Candy bar....forgot to take a pic of candy bar  :(...but it had animal shaped chocolates and safari theme lollipops!

 lion king photo and adults had fun getting a pic clicked as lion king :)

my little lioness!

 party at home.....added ears the balloon animals

 i think it looks cute...
hope you like it and find it usefull!

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