Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wall/Photo Hanging made of Yarn and Skewers

It was my friend's birthday and I wanted to gift her something made by me. I had her pics from our various trips outside. So thought of getting them printed and prepare a wall hanging. If you will look at the below pics carefully you will be able to make out how simple it is to prepare it. It requires only a yarn,4 skewers and few stuff to make them look pretty. I made the hanging double sided. One side are the coloured pics and other side black n white and sepia images. So total of 8 images. Here is how it looks.

Recycled/ upcycled / Altered Glass Bottles

I had few used olive oil glass bottles at home. So thought of trying my hands at painting them with my acrylic paints. Painting on bottle is much different then on canvas. Had to give them multiple coatings to give a finished look. Here is how it looks.

hope you like them.

Happy Birthday Dear Sister

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

For someone we love

To give a personal touch to a gift for someone , here is a great idea. I prepared this CD covers. You can be more creative and add more decorations to suit the occasion.
Here is what i prepared

My upcycled earrings stand

While preparing the carton organizers I came up with an idea of preparing a earrings stand. Here is what i used to prepare it

  • One Cardboard
  • One vegetable net packet
  • Glue
See the picture below

Here is the finished product.

My upcycled lil Carton Organizers/Chest

I badly needed to organize my  craft stuff and so came up with this idea of creating my own craft material organizer/chest :). It is an 100% recycled/ upcycled project...well excluding the glue i used to put it together.
I used following stuff to make it:
  1. 4 Mango boxes
  2. 1 museli box
  3. old Newspapers
  4. glue
See the picture below

Here is the final product

Yuppy! now all my small crafting materials have a home :)

Summer Sun Card

Here is a fun card for kids to prepare this summer. A cool summer sun! It reminds us of all the fun things about summer ..a yummy lemonade prepared by mummy, a mouth freezing ice cream and sunglasses we can full day roam around in.

Happy Summer Sun

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day Card

I prepared this card for the Father's day. The theme I choose is about 'all that he loves' can make a similar card with all the things your Dad loves. I stuck a Shirt, a badminton racket, a car and a book. The shirt and book has little space to write a special message in it. You can check out how to make the origami shirt in the kids craft section of my blog.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Origami Shirt for Masculine Card

To make Origami Shirt is so simple and it can be a wonderful card by itself to gift to any male member in your family or friends. Its a perfect craft project for your kids .It is so cute that even an adult would love preparing it. Below is the shirt I made as a part of my Father's day card. 

Write a message for the person you are gifting this card to, put it in an envelope and post it. Simple and so very cute.
Here is the tutorial video to make the card.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Light up your home with ur kids

Well i am posting this at a very old time, Diwali is far away. But this is a project I think would be great involving your kids doing it. Few simple things and your home will be ready for the festival.
I prepared this stuff for the last Diwali party in hardly an hours time.All you need is paper, pair of scissors , some old glittery wrapping paper and some painting colour of your choice.

You can prepare the firecrackers of your choice and decorate with your bring the festival of lights to your home.

I also decorated this plain glass with some glitterly beads and put a candle inside to finish the Diwali look

Do try it out..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Frame It!

My lil cousin was going to visit us . Wanted to gift her something special . Prepared this photo frame. Here is how it looked

I need to prepare few more of this for my lil Princess.

Bon Voyage!

One of my friend is going to India . Thought of preparing a Bon Voyage card for her. Hope she has a safe journey. Here is the final product.

Card has been prepared with a white card stock. I have stamped leaf and daisy with my rubber stamp and stuck that piece with dual side tape. Another tag ' Bon Voyage' has been stuck directly on the stock. I have stuck two butterflies (pink for her and small blue for her baby boy ) with wings folded upwards to give some dimension. I wrapped it in a tissue paper with a red string. Here is how it looked.

Friday, June 10, 2011

She smiles like Mona Lisa!

My days are full of smiles. Well all because of my cute lil princess.Whenever she smiles I just cant stop smiling back at her.She has really lite up my life with her beautiful smile. When she smiles at me I forget all the worries of mine....motherhood is such an amazing feeling.

Love you Ananya!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birth of a Star

Gods biggest gift dearest daughter Ananya Sai. I wanted to make a birth announcement card for her. Was sitting at home counting days for her arrival on this earth. Had lots of wedding cards left at home so thought of preparing a card of it. Here is the finished product.

Tiny Hands and Tiny Feet someone new for you to Meet..:)..D.O.B-7th March 2011